Frayed Edges

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“This poem was a result of me approaching the dialog of my movie script in a poetic form, where the Lead male is imparting his final words and advice to his beloved. Have a listen to the audio clip above and follow the words below.” @HassenRasool

Frayed Edges by Hassen Rasool – 2016

Dear Beloved,
Don’t worry.

Ignore the few frayed edges on a bunch of roses who are overshadowed by most of its other perfect petal poses.

It’s ok, it’s ok to gently prune & pick those flaws away,
I know you feel they hold you back, here’s the secret password to get you back on track.

Remember you have more beauty, so ignore the frayed edges and focus on each perfect petals that makes You You.
For how long will it be
until we’ll see your true fragrance set free.

Ponder you not about real the fragrance you’ve got?  That from muddy soil emerges within you…
Yes, we all have thorns too,
but if you don’t experience the pain
You won’t appreciate the pleasure
and when you taste the pleasure
You  won’t want to go back to the pain,
but hey! thorns do come in the way now and again.

Consumed in self-artificial fragrances that swiftly disappear,
Blinded we’ve become not seeing,
Kindle your eternal fragrance that’s intertwined  within your very being,

Oh rose, our end is nigh,
My prayer for when we die,
let our fragrance linger on and intensify.

Your fragrance, my fragrance,
Your pirouettes, my whirling,
All together now in the rose garden, love stirring.
Symbols of Love, rising above the weeds and planting heavenly seeds.

Wilt gracefully my beloved friend until our sweet end.
Blunt (File) those vicious tips of our thorns to ease life’s sting.
For only then will your petals it’s true fragrance bring.

© 2016 Hassen Rasool, All rights reserved.

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